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Homeschool is actually a terrible description of what we do.  While our main education happens at home, we are not at home very often!  I create our curriculum on my own.  I choose various workbooks, games, etc to come up with a fun, educational, well rounded, challenging curriculum.

We want our boys to be well educated. We want them to understand a wide variety of knowledge. Its really important to us that the boys understand history, civics, geography, politics, math, reading, grammar, science-including chemistry, electricity, animal science, biology, astronomy, etc.  I love teaching a subject and a question arises and our whole day changes direction. 

We do not have a “typical” day.  We have a VERY hazy schedule that we attempt to follow, but life is so unpredictable and with homeschooling, we have the flexibility to flow with it!  If we have a bad night’s sleep and the boys want to sleep in late, we just move our ‘plan’ later.  My little guy still goes to preschool 3 days per week, so on his school days, we do have a little more structure. 


He goes to preschool because we want him to have some independence from us.  Our older son attended preschool and kindergarten before we decided to homeschool and it was fun for him.  I want our little guy to have the same experiences.  I don’t think he would paint, create, play and experience music at home the way he can in school because I have an older son to focus on too.  By him attending preschool and kindergarten, he’ll get that expressive play with other kids.   Once they get to first grade, its more of a structured learning in public school and I can give them that at home.  We always play so they will get more playtime at home than they will in school.  I find that we have a great balance of work & play in our home.

Our playroom has pretty much turned itself into the homeschooling storage room.  We have 3 bookcases full of reading books, games and my teaching workbooks.  I set up the small blue table for my little boy to have a place of his own to practice his writing.  He is really interested in learning to write and is doing fantastic so far.  I posted the alphabet above his table (yellow) and taped it onto his table too so he can just look at each letter and practice.
I could not find a way to display their artwork that I liked.  Framing them was ok, but I wanted to change things out more.  For right now, these lines are working!  I ordered them on
This is another view of the above and you can see the 3rd bookshelf.  The bulletin board is in place for a new idea we had.  Anytime we think of something we want to do or someplace we want to go, instead of saying “someday”, we’ll write it down and pin it on this board! 
 This bookshelf has become a hodge podge of my stuff and board games.  The printer and tv are staying but everything in between needs to get put away.  Photos that need to go into albums and random things get placed on this shelf. 
  My son LOVES Star Wars.  The figures were supposed to stay on the shelf to the right and the shelf to the left was supposed to be his Lego building station (see Lego bin on wheels under the shelf?)  So, we’ll see.  We might need to figure out a new place for the figures!  (again!)
I’m very happy to share what we do on a daily basis, I’ll do my best to update!
Thanks for being here!

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