Ultimate Reset, Day THREE!

It is nearing the end of day 3!

 I feel good!  No complaints. I’m so glad I gave up coffee a month ahead of time, although I do miss my morning ritual and will probably go back to it once the reset is over, but its still too early to tell.  I peeked at the scale this morning and was down 3 lbs.  BUT…I did indulge a bit over the weekend with some pizza, so I would say that those 3 lbs were just from that.  My husband has lost 4 lbs already! MEN!

Right now, I’m waiting for dinner to be ready.  We are skipping the Nori rolls and having the beans & rice that we had last night.  Its ok to substitute breakfast for breakfast, dinner for dinner, etc as long as its within the same week.  Since we really enjoyed last night’s dinner & neither of us eat soy, I’m so ready for dinner tonight!

Last night, I went to bed at 10pm and slept until 6:30am.  The only difference that I noticed today from any other morning is that I never wake up and want to get up.  I love sleeping in the morning, maybe because I stay up too late & toss and turn most nights!  Last night, I went right to sleep (after my 30 minutes of reading).  I woke up refreshed & had changed the sheets on all 3 beds & started a load of laundry all by 7am!

  (what I’m reading to help my team of coaches!)
Breakfast today:  Oatmeal, blueberries & yogurt (see yesterday’s photo)  Its SOOOO good!
Lunch today:  Microgreen salad and miso soup (see Day One’s photo!) 
    * I rushed out of the house and forgot my miso soup!!!  I had put it in a coffee travel mug to take with me!   I was SO hungry after the kids’ sports class so I caved and had an approved snack.  One green apple & 1 Tsp of natural peanut butter. 
                                                                                                                       (*not my photo)
As I mentioned above, tonight we are having the Southwest Black Bean Taco again.  So, no picture!  I think it would be a bit monotonous to repeat the same photos, right?!  
Mood:  Fine  (husband’s mood…cranky)
Hunger:  Yes, tonight I’m hungry…but its dinnertime so I should be hungry!
Cravings?  None  (husband…yes!…hence the crankiness!)
Sleep:  Good.  (husband’s sleep better than normal-still wakes up once during the night but now stays in bed, getting up earlier too)
I do miss my Shakeology but it will be back soon!  I need to set my timer on my phone each day because I’m eating at different times.  I am finding that I need to eat breakfast at 9am instead of our normal 7am so that my lunch can be eaten around 1pm and dinner around 6:30pm.  Normally, we eat at 7:30-8am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm and 6pm.  It will be worth it though!!!!
I realized that my husband tends to focus on what we cannot have rather than what we CAN have.  We had a discussion about this today.  He was saying he never has time for anything anymore.  I asked him if he enjoyed doing what he was doing when he was busy and he said ‘yes’.  So, why focus on the things that are obviously not AS important as what we are  so busy doing?   I’m extremely busy homeschooling my kids, running my own business, taking care of my home, visiting my friends & family & taking care of myself.   I do not have much time for the extras.  The “it would be nice to….” type of things.  YES.  I would love to go horseback riding more or take long bike rides alone but not if it takes me away from whats more important.  There is time for everything though, we just need to mark our calendars and make it happen!

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