Ultimate Reset, Day SIX!

Nearing the end of Week One!  Honestly, it has NOT been that bad.  Today was the first day I had cravings and I really contribute that to being at the ball field from 9am until 2pm.  I had to eat breakfast earlier than I have been the previous 5 days.  I’m finding that if I eat breakfast at 9-9:30, then lunch around 2 and dinner at 6pm, I feel good.  Today, I had to eat breakfast at 8, lunch at 11:15 and then dinner at 6pm.  It wasn’t easy but I did it!   I did have a snack though, I didn’t want to feel sick!

I know, these meals look boring since its the same thing day after day, but I REALLY like them!Breakfast:    Yep, oats, greek yogurt & blueberries. AGAIN.  Its SO filling & delicious, dare I say almost like a warm dessert?  (I do!)

Lunch?  You guessed it!  My famous Micro-green salad!  Simple, REALLY filling & I love the greek dressing.  My husband said he’ll never eat store bought dressing again.  Good thing, cuz I’m not buying it anymore!
Look!  A new dinner!  This is one of my favorite meals so far and I can’t believe it because I was not liking the looks or sounds of it.  Zucchini & Cashew Soup and Roasted Root Vegetables.  I love the vegetable part but I’m very finicky when it comes to soup.  I was pleasantly surprised!

Its SO easy to make…cut up a few zucchini & steam them.  Let raw cashews soak in water for an hour.  Then, toss it all into a food processor with Himalayan Salt & any spices you like (I chose Dill).  Mix/chop together and serve!  I KNOW it does not look appealing at all, but its really good.

I had to deliver my husband’s to the fire station tonight & his first comment was “thats it?”  but after he tried it, he really liked it too!

The Roasted Root Vegetables were my favorite part I think.  Yam, a carrot, a beet & 1/2 onion with olive oil and Himalayan Salt.  Roast on sheet for 50 minutes at 400 degrees.  YUM.

And just in case you were interested in trying the Ultimate Reset, its on sale until tomorrow!  Then, it goes back up to full price!  So, order yours now!  www.ginasfitlife.com

Oh, and this sale ends tomorrow too!!!!  Don’t forget, I have a Challenge Group starting May 1st.  I’m doing Les Mills Combat but you can do Insanity!  I’ll do a few days of it with you too!


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