Ultimate Reset Day One!

The Ultimate Reset…..Day One

    Today was Day One of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.  I was very excited to do it but a little nervous too.  Reading the posts on Facebook about how time consuming it was and how horrific one of the supplements was, it was making me question doing it!  However, like everything else in life, we can’t always take someone else’s opinions, this is our own journey. So, my husband & I decided to do it together.  I also have a group of friends on FB doing it in a Challenge Group with me (my husband doesn’t use the computer at all, so he only has me for support).

    A little over a month ago, we gave up coffee and all caffeine to prepare for this.  I had heard so many people had massive headaches.  I seriously do not have time for that!  I homeschool my son, so its not like he’s hopping on the bus and I can go lie down.  I don’t really eat sugar so that wasn’t an issue, although my husband does eat M&Ms when he’s at the station…I wonder if he cut back on those…

    Last night, I prepped all of the vegetables for the week and made our salad dressings.  It took less than one hour.  I always chop my own vegetables anyway so it wasn’t a big deal. I enjoy the cutting and time spent in the kitchen, its soothing to me.  Maybe I’m a rare case?  Who knows!  Anyway, it wasn’t bad at all!  The guide is so well laid out and they even give videos of Melissa Costello (Tony Horton’s former personal chef) preparing each meal.  I mean, really, it doesn’t get easier than that.


   We woke up excited this morning to get started.  We added our supplements to the gallon of distilled water and took all of the supplements and drank the 12-32 ounces of water.  I started the day with 16 oz, which is what I normally do anyway.  We waited 30 minutes and had breakfast:  2 scrambled eggs in olive oil, 1 C steamed spinach & 1 slice of whole grain toast.  This is one of my standard breakfasts (minus the toast) so the morning was normal so far.

 We set our alarms on our phones and took our supplements as scheduled and ate our meals as timed. 

   Lunch was a microgreen salad & a bowl of miso soup.  The salad was huge and we were really full when we were done.  I had the creamy garlic and my husband had the greek dressing and they were both fantastic (and so easy to make). 

 We loved the roasted pumpkin seeds!  I did them a little extra since my husband loves them like that!

  Up to this point, I was not tempted by anything. I had already had more than a half gallon of water and felt fine.  No headaches, not cranky, none of the symptoms others had complained of.  My husband was struggling a bit.  We drove by a Dunkin Donuts and he was craving a coffee! 

    Dinner was salmon in a marinade, asparagus with lemon & 1 C of boiled potatoes.  It was delicious and filling, its also a dinner we have often at home (minus this particular marinade) so it was easy!


    Its 9pm now & I’m getting tired.  My husband went to bed at 8pm exhausted.  He feels that this is mentally draining for him because he’s hungry & he wants to snack.  I guess I never realized how much he likes to snack! 

My overall thoughts on Day 1:  Other than timing the supplements, it didn’t take a whole lot of thought.  Not a huge change in how we normally eat, although my husband is starving!   (no headaches though!)




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