Ultimate Reset, Day 4!

Another day DONE!

This is going to be a quickie update because my guys are waiting for me!
Breakfast:   Oatmeal, yogurt & blueberries…..LOVE this one & its off the menu next week so I’m eating it while I can!

Lunch:  Microgreen salad & lentil lime salad.  The lentil salad was OK, nothing I’d find myself craving

Dinner:  Southwestern Tacos again!  My husband is addicted…and since he cooked tonight, he wins!

Mood:  Fine
Hunger:  Yes, I didn’t drink enough water today.
Cravings?  None
Sleep last night:  good.
Scale:  Down another pound…thats 4 lbs in 4 days

I’m starting to feel like I’m doing something wrong since there are SO many complaints on the FB support page!?

My Socialcam site has my video update of today!



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