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WOW.  I have seen a LOT of posts

WOW.  I have seen a LOT of posts

WOW.  I have seen a LOT of posts recently bashing Beachbody & its coaches.  Kind of a lot of strong feelings & hatred toward us I guess! I do have to laugh when I see posts about how P90X is not a “real” workout.  I […]



So maybe DAILY blogging isn’t for me….oops!  I really am horrible at consistency with anything!  I’m working on it though.  Thats actually my #1 goal for February-and then it will become a habit and I can work on something else!  There is ALWAYS room for […]

Homeschool, Home Business…Home is Where My Heart Is!

Homeschool, Home Business…Home is Where My Heart Is!

I had totally forgotten about this blog…. I had good intentions of doing it daily, or at least weekly, but obviously that did not happen!  So, whats been going on?

Let’s see….in September, I started homeschooling my son, 6, for the first grade.  The first question people ask me is “WHY?” like I’m crazy.  I don’t have a scripted answer and at first I felt guilty but why should I?  Its 100% legal and its what makes our family happy!  It works for us.

The follow up questions….”what about socialization?”  … we attend classes a few times per month for physical education, science, art and sports.  We have a lot of friends from a lot of different places.  Trust me, my kids have a better social life than we do!

Another question “Do we worry that they are behind their peers?”  Nope.  We sure don’t.  If they were going to public school, I wouldn’t compare them to their classmates so why would I compare them now?   We loosely follow the guidelines of what they “should” learn in each grade-but not exactly.  My son loves chemistry, history & science so we delve pretty deeply into those subjects.  They don’t do as much in the public schools at this age, but I don’t want him to miss out on his interests now-so if other things go on the back burner until next year, so be it.

My son can read, do basic math (including some fractions) and is getting a well rounded education.

My 4 year old attends preschool.  Not because I can’t teach preschool but I like to see him play with his peers without me.  I like to see him interact and be his own person without his brother.  Learning independence is important and I think preschool is a fun place to begin that process.  It also gives me 2 1/2 hours of teaching time with my older son.  Some homeschoolers might not agree with what we do, but again, this is OUR life and we do what we see is right for our family.

In November, I reached the Diamond status with my Beachbody business!  I have worked for a few years now in the Beachbody business mostly just for the 25% discount on my Shakeology and I earned a little extra money here & there.  I just never got serious about it.  This year, I decided to focus my attention more and treat it like what it is, a business!  Since then, my team has grown (along with my weekly paychecks) and I some pretty lofty goals set for myself (and my business)!

I’m currently doing a hybrid of Turbo Fire & Chalean Extreme.  It has taken me much longer to reach my goals (still haven’t yet!) than it should have but I WILL reach them!  Why haven’t I reached them yet?  Consistency…or lack there of!!!  I’m on a mission though!

On June 20th, I will be getting on a plane heading to Las Vegas for the next Beachbody Summit.

Being a stay at home, homeschooling mom who is running my own business is NOT easy.  I also have a home to run, a husband to take care of, food to shop for & cook, errands to run, friends to see, family to visit, etc etc etc…..but before ANY of that….my health & fitness MUST come first.  Why?  If I don’t feel good, I’m cranky, irritable, tired and unable to care for everyone else the way I need to-the way I like to.  So, if your busy (and who isn’t!?) get your workout done FIRST…and everything else will happen much smoother.

To Good Health,