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Spring is Coming!

I’m so excited that the weather is starting to change!  Ok, well, its only 39 degrees today but its SUNNY!  I already started my spring cleaning because I am NOT staying indoors cleaning when Spring actually comes!  The sun alone gives me energy & makes me want to do everything, all at once! 
I revamped our homeschool curriculum and I’m going strong with my Eat Clean & Fitness Journey.  I feel really happy!
We took our boys to the Boston Museum of Science yesterday and had a great time!  Its definitely our favorite museum.  Sadly, our kids are outgrowing all of the Children’s Museums but this museum is for everyone and changes all of the time.  
I am so determined NOT to fall off of my clean eating wagon so I ate before we left, brought my Shakeology with me and some healthy snacks-clementines, grapes, almonds & water.  When we got there, I hit the salad bar and had an amazing lunch.  Fresh food is popping up in more & more places yeah!  Progress!

I’m determined to make the rest of our “school” year fun for my kids.  Right now, we are working on our International Night project.  We chose Ireland.  My son is 6 and in the first grade, so he isn’t really that interested in Ireland.  He really wanted Japan because our best friends live there but that was already taken.  Fortunately, it happens to be St. Patricks Day tomorrow so I’m hoping the crafts, the parade and the Shamrock Shake from McDonalds (ewww…) will psych him up!

Cam asked me to make school more interesting so that is my major goal for the rest of the year!  I’m actually pretty excited too.  I love when someone gives me a challenge!


Last week, we took the boys to see The Bubble Guy!  A Bubbleology show-it was fantastic!  The guy (I need to find his name for credit!) was amazing. He made bubbles in all shapes & sizes and told the kids his big secret…how to keep the bubble from popping….wet hands!  Simple, right?  So, we had to try it ourselves!
Fortunately, two days later, the weather cooperated and we gave it a shot.  We are looking forward to creating more & more bubble makers of our own!  We need…a baby pool, string, rope and lots & lots of bubbles!

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