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I have been drinking Shakeology since 2010.  I’ve never skipped one shipment.  Once, it was late and we were left looking out the window for the delivery truck.  Its expensive.  $120 is more than most people think they should spend on a “shake”.  However, Shakeology is NOT one of those shakes.  The difference?  Well, there are many.  For me, the most important one is that its not full of crap.  Its not loaded with additives & fillers.  It does not have artificial flavors & sweeteners.  Then, there is the list of what it does have-over 70 ingredients, including super-green foods, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, prebiotics & digestive enzymes.
When I first heard about it, I was interested but when I told my husband about it, forget it, all he heard was “one hundred….” and then he blocked me out.  He thought it was a gimmick.  I kept persisting about it and bought it anyway.  (We have an agreement in our household to discuss any purchase over $100)  We tried the first shake (chocolate) and I immediately LOVED it.  Its true, I just thought it was delicious.  He tried it and was hesitant.  I could tell he did NOT want to like it…but then he smiled.  SOLD!  
But the price!?  $120 every month?!  Of course, he quickly multiplied that by 12…$1440 per year!  Thats almost a vacation!  Ok, ok….I had to figure this out.  Then, I learned about the coaching opportunity.  No.  Immediately, my answer was a big fat NO. Until I read more about it.  So, basically, I didn’t have to do ANYTHING, I could just get the 25% discount!?  I could get Shakeology every month for $89 and free shipping?! Yep!  SOLD!  
Yes, I paid the $39.95 start up fee and there is a monthly fee of $15.95.  Why?  Why are there fees?  Well, because this IS a business, right?  Why should Beachbody just deduct 25% on their products because you ‘want’ to be a coach?  What other business can you start up for less than $50?  All coaches get a DVD to learn how to get started, they get a complete “Back Office” with everything they need to run a business.  Coaches receive FREE educational webinars, articles, group calls, trainings and 3 websites that can be personalized but are mostly maintained by Beachbody (less work for us!)  I also get a free subscription to the digital version of SUCCESS Magazine, which, I must say, has some amazing information for all business owners and people interested in personal development (and isn’t that everyone?  Or it should be!)
I have now been a Beachbody Coach for over 2 years.  The first year or so, I just paid the $15 per month so I could save $15 per month.  As people around me started to see me drinking Shakeology and heard about me doing P90X and later, Insanity, they started asking me about my “shake”.  Pretty soon, without really trying or realizing it, I had started to ‘work’ my business.  
I now drink my Shakeology for free every month.  I also give a free bag to my mom (who is now healthier than she has been in a very long time with extra energy!)  I have been able to take my kids on day trips and buy all of my homeschooling books, games and whatever we need with the money I have earned and my savings account is steadily growing (saving up for Hawaii!)
I drink Shakeology because I love it.
I started as a coach to save 25% and now I enjoy helping other people with their fitness journeys….. and their financial journey too!

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