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Make Your Own Life Changes!

Make Your Own Life Changes

So many times, I hear people (even myself!) say “I wish…..” (I had a job, I could lose weight, had more money, could go on vacation, had more friends, etc)  Wishes are great when your a kid with a birthday cake but other than that, we all know they are fruitless, right?  If we want something, we have to change our lives to make it happen.  Sometimes changes are hard and sometimes they just take one step.

In 1996, I decided I was sick of hanging around with a bunch of people who were not motivated.  We did the same thing day in & day out.  My boyfriend at the time lived in Florida and we decided to move in together…we just needed to figure out where (since I was in New England).  We chose North Carolina at random and we both packed up and moved.  Just like that.

It didn’t work out ‘quite’ like I had planned, so I packed up & moved 2 years later to a different part of NC because my journey there wasn’t done, just the part with him was.  So I left, just like that.

Two years after that, I had a few amazing new friends, loved the city, loved my job but missed my family.  My adventure in NC was over, so I packed up & moved…just like that.

In 2002, life was getting boring again (do you see a pattern?) so I changed my friends again.  I decided no more bars or doing the same thing every night.  I changed my friends again and my job.  Just like that.   In 2003, I met a boy (again, he was my very first boyfriend when I was 15!) and we got married. Never expected to be married and in RI, but there I was!

In 2006, I had my first son.  Amazing.  Love.  Incredible.  Until my husband went back to work & I was alone with this bundle…who was usually sleeping.  What was I supposed to do with him?  I only had one other friend with a baby.  So, I started a moms group & hoped people would join.  They did!  Over 100 families joined & I made some amazing friends…just like that.

In 2009, I was tired & bored (oops, again?!) I had my second son in 2008 and was just overweight & tired.  I saw an infomercial for P90X and knew I had to have it.  (and I never buy anything from tv…the internet, yes, but never an infomercial!)  It changed my life.  I was a size 12 (on the tight side) and in 90 days I was a size 8 (still a bit tight but 10s were loose).  I signed up to be a Beachbody Coach for the discount & its become my full time job, well, its my full time pay check but part time hours!

I have gone up & down over the past few years with the scale but I know what to do to get back on track.  No more wishing though, no more get quick fixes, no fad diets.  I just know I have to eat healthy, exercise 5-6 times per week, drink water & make it happen. 

No matter what it is that you WANT in your life, you have to MAKE it happen!!!  Go for it! 
 You deserve it!

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