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KidsBuild Boston

KidsBuild Boston

KidsBuild Boston!

We took the boys to an event in Boston on Saturday that was amazing.  It was hosted by BSA (Boston Society of Architecture) and was 100% free.

The boys were able to choose any building in a city and then design & create it using all recyclable items that were supplied by BSA.

First, the kids had to decide what kind of building they wanted to design….of course, they chose a Public Works Building so they could do a fire station & a police station!
Next, we had to get our building permit (center)  and then, we went to see the city block where our building would go.


Then….we got to the materials.  This was the boys favorite part.  There was SO much to choose from, they really didn’t even know where to start!  They just started grabbing tiles, foam, springs, nails, chains, boxes, etc.  They had a blast!
And then, it was time to get down to work!
When it was completed, we had the building photographed, received our stamp of approval & placed our model on the street where it will remain!

They even got to pick a new name for the city!
PS….if anyone know how to get the photos to line up better, please message me!


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