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Is It Groundhog Day AGAIN?!

Lately, my life feels like a scene from that movie Groundhog Day.  Its the same thing over & over again.  Get up, make breakfast, workout, do schoolwork, do crafts, go outside, go to the gym, make dinner, do baths, tuck kids in, go to bed….repeat. I assume most people feel that way but I am NOT happy to live a life of monotony!  Its why I chose the life we did.  We usually do field trips each week and change things up but for the past two weeks, we’ve gotten wrapped up in a few things that stopped us from doing what we really wanted to. 

Tomorrow, we are breaking out of the rut and leaving all of our businesses behind and we are spending the day in Worcester, MA at the Ecotarium.  Fingers crossed that the weather is nice for us!  My sons are going to start studying about the Solar System next week so I’m hoping the planetarium is open!  My little guy is learning about dinosaurs at preschool so he will be really excited about the dinosaur there-I didn’t tell him!

I have been spending more & more time at the kickboxing gym.  I honestly did not think I’d ever like it but now I love it.  I’m really thankful that my friend suggested it to me.  I’ve met a great bunch of women and will soon be running with them, which was something I really wanted to find.  I don’t have a lot of friends who like to run so this will be a nice thing for ME. 

My kids have been awesome and are getting used to me going to the gym, or sometimes coming with me.  They are SO good and sit quietly and wait for me to finish my classes.  Most nights they are able to stay home with my husband.  Unfortunately, the classes are right at dinnertime and I hate missing our dinners around the table.  That is probably my favorite time of day.  We turn the television, radio, scanner, computer OFF and its just the four of us.  We talk about our day, our thoughts, our best & worst thing of the day, etc.  Its just a great bonding time for us.  Fortunately, since we homeschool, we have turned our lunchtime into our bonding meal at the table so I don’t have to feel guilty about missing dinner!  There is always a way to make things happen IF you want them to happen. 

NO excuses.

This is a saying I want to have made into a tank top…isn’t it awesome?

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