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If you WANT to homeschool, you CAN

I started homeschooling my son (6) in September.  Of course, everyone asked “WHY?!”  We didn’t have a solid answer, or at least one that people seemed to accept.  We got a LOT of eye rolls and uneasy ‘Oks’ but thats fine with us.  We are doing what we believe is best for our family & now that we are 7 months into it, we KNOW it was the best decision for us.

Now that we are doing it, SO many people say “oh, I wish I could do it, “how do you do it?!” or “I could never do it”.  Um, yes you could.  If you want to do something, you can do it.

Excuses people have told me why they can’t: 

They have no patience.  

Yeah, me either.  I get frustrated!  My husband tells me all the time that I don’t have any patience.  I do for some things but not everything-like instructions, I can’t stand them!  If I have to read instructions to figure something out, forget it, it is not going to happen-or give it to Daddy.

Its a lot of work.

This is a TRUE statement!  It is a lot of work but its a job that I am honored to do.  This is a job that I truly enjoy doing.  Creating a curriculum, lesson plans, fun assignments, crafts, projects, reading lists, etc-I love it!  I was never a person who just knew what I wanted to do when I grew up and THIS is the first ‘job’ that fulfills me.  When my little boy read his first book and I am the one who taught him to read?!  Nothing else like it. 

I wouldn’t know how to teach them.

I thought this same thing before we started.  But guess what?!  There are BOOKS that help!  We also have this incredible resource called….wait for it….the internet!  Yes!  Amazing assistance on the internet.  Between the library, the internet, local teaching stores and local homeschooling groups, I have more information than I can possibly use this year!  Oh, and how could I possibly forget Pinterest!? 

I’m not religious.

Me either.

I need ‘ME’ time.

Me too!  This is an area where a supportive spouse (and an awesome mother) are helpful!  I take a few nights to myself to go to the gym, I go on date nights every week with my husband and I have time to go out with my friends (when they have time!  They seem more busy with their kids’ public school than I am!)  I also run my own business out of my house…its important to have good time  management.  Again, if you want to do something, you can make the time for it!

I enjoy spending time with my kids, yes, everyday.  I don’t get bored.  I don’t get sick of them.  Do I need a break?  Yes, and thats when Daddy steps in and I take some time for myself.


And the big one….What about socialization?!

Let’s see.  I worried about this before we started because I listened to everyone around me.  Since we started, I don’t worry anymore.  We participate in a homeschool co-op once per week (3 classes with different kids in each), they attend a Lego class, a sports class, a science class, a history class, an art class and a zoo class.  Those are just the ones they are currently in right now.  Different kids in all of these classes.  My kids are being exposed to so many more social & ethnic backgrounds than they ever would at the local elementary school.  They still have our family friends too, the kids they grew up with from the time they were born, our best friends, who are like family to us.  We didn’t stop seeing them just because we homeschool.

 Just today, we walked into a local game store and my son (6) walked in ahead of me and greeted the sales clerk “Hello, how are you today?”  the clerk looked at me with disbelief that someone so small had just greeted him like an adult.  My boys are not shy, they are not sheltered and they are intelligent, polite young boys.  I’m proud of who they are and I look forward to our homeschooling journey!

Here are a few photos of my boys at a few of their classes!!!!





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