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Happy St Patricks Day!

Happy St Patricks Day!

I was leary of homeschooling for so long and afraid my kids would miss out on all the fun stuff that kids do in school.  I want to make their childhoods as perfect as possible…whatever perfect is!  Thankfully, there is Pinterest!  I use it daily to plan my curriculum with my boys.  We recreate as many of the cute ideas as possible. 

The rascal Leprachaun came to my mom’s house (we had a sleepover!) and I gave in and let the kids have more candy than normal.  Fortunately, they hated most of it and my little guy, wouldn’t even try ANY of it!  (yeah!)  While I’m usually pretty strict about sugar & junk food, I do let them have it on occasion because I don’t want them to grow up never having tried it and then go crazy on it.  They have one bite (or none) and then put it away.  That box of Lucky Charms?  My oldest had 1C and then said he was done.  The box will get thrown away tomorrow and he’ll never ask for it again.  They don’t get greedy with junk because they know its not good for them.  The coins?  yeah, thats another story. For every green or gold coin they found, they got to trade it in for $ .25!  $12.00 to split between them!
We put chairs on the table, turned the toilet water green and hid coins all over.  We forgot to make the trap to catch the lil guy because we ended up at my mom’s house-thats ok though, the boys had a blast anyway!

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