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So maybe DAILY blogging isn’t for me….oops!  I really am horrible at consistency with anything!  I’m working on it though.  Thats actually my #1 goal for February-and then it will become a habit and I can work on something else!  There is ALWAYS room for improvement, right?!

I am participating in a Fit to Lose Challenge at my local kickboxing gym that my friend got me to go to and I love it.  I love pushing harder and harder each time I attend a class and the encouragement I get from the others in the class.  The environment is exactly what I was looking for.  Most gyms I’ve ever gone to, its like a competition.  No one seems interested in helping or supporting each other, its more about competition.  That is NOT me.  I would rather reach my goals & have success alongside others.  Sadly, not everyone feels that way.  Anyway, this gym has been a perfect fit for me.

Generally, I do not rely on the scale because it only tells part of the story.  It can also change 6 lbs in one day!  However, this is how our trainers measure our weekly success, so I’m going with it.  I lost 2 lbs at my 2nd weigh in, so thats pretty good!  I was happy with that.  Knowing I have to check in with someone is a big motivator!  I understand why Weight Watchers works for some people now.

Being a stay at home, homeschooling mom, I can’t always make it to the gym class though.  While I can bring my boys, they don’t always want to go and to force them isn’t fun for me!  I won’t be able to concentrate if they are acting up, so I choose my battles.  On the days when the gym schedule doesn’t work for me, I’m following the Turbo Fire/P90X hybrid schedule.  (If your a member of Team Beachbody, you can find this schedule in the Supergym!)  If you aren’t a member already, please go grab your free membership now!

Today is Turbo Fire/Fire 30, its a quick 30 minute high intensity workout.  Its not my favorite one, I’ll be honest with you!!!  But, I’m going to follow the schedule as its planned…and, its ONLY 30 minutes!  I am going to add Brazil Butt Lift to my workout today since my boys are out to breakfast and I’m home alone!!!

Another area that I need to be more consistent is with my lesson plans for my son (age 6).  I LOVE LOVE LOVE homeschooling and it takes a lot of work but its so worth it.  I plan our week every Sunday (along with our meal plans, my workout schedule, the boys appointments, time with my husband, time with friends & family, etc) but somehow, our homeschool schedule tends to dismantle by  Weds!  We have every intention on doing pages X -Z but then something comes up!  I’m not saying we go to a movie or slack off, but we’ll end up a museum or a class and the workbook stuff takes a back seat.  He is still learning-probably more than he would from a workbook, but I like to see my checkmarks at the end of each day!

The two things that we do DAILY without fail is Math & Reading.  Fortunately, he LOVES math and I love reading!  So, together, we are a great team!                                   These are the books that we use for both:
Oops!  Sorry its sideways!

He is just about done with 100 Easy Lessons, we are on Lesson #97!!!!  He has been able to read since around Lesson 16.  This book has been great for us.  Its a quick 15 minutes per day (if that).  He actually looks forward to it.  By Thursday of this week, we’ll move on to reading books.
We have been following the Basic Math Skills book from page one and he loves it.  I find extra worksheets online and if I have trouble explaining something, like fractions, I’ll find a lesson on or on YouTube.

I’m amazed at how much GREAT information is on YouTube!!!!  We love the old school “School House Rock” videos.  I’ve used them during our Pilgrim/Thanksgiving/Plymouth Rock study-and then we went to Plymouth, MA for a day trip.

If you want to homeschool and have the time to be creative, I highly recommend it!  I love putting together Unit Studies from workbooks, the library, YouTube, Netflix and road trips when we can!

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