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Catch Up!

Catch Up!

I finally downloaded a bunch of pictures from our homeschool ventures over the past couple of weeks before I got sick!

First, one of Cam’s favorite class is Lego Class.  Its a drop off at a community police center & he gets to hang out with his buddies and build really cool stuff with Legos!

Every Monday, we have Co-op all afternoon.  The boys love it.  The classes are interesting, not too long and they have fun.  This semester, Ryan is in preschool….this week we learned about dinosaurs, which was perfect because he is learning about dinosaurs in his morning preschool too….
 Cameron is in Geography & art.  In art, he learns about the artists’ and they become them for the class & recreate one of their pieces.

They take music together.  Cam isn’t too sure he likes it yet but Ryan is pretty sure he does.  He loves music and the fact that the teacher brought in the theme song to CHiPS (yes, that CHiPS) in for him and “Another One Bites The Dust”, he’s pretty happy there.  They sing, listen to music, dance & do yoga.  I really think its great for them…and I’m the assistant…thankfully, I do not have to sing!   Oh, and I did I mention theres a GIRL….

…..and on Saturday, they had their last hockey practice……this is Ryan, our ham.  C does NOT like to be photographed on skates (even though he’s pretty good!)
Well, that brings us pretty current!  Next up, our trip to the Boston Museum of Science!!!!

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