A New Start (Again)

Day 1 of 60…Here we go!

Today I’m starting a new round of Hammer & Chisel.  The next 60 days, I’m determined to keep life really simple, complete the program, follow the meal plan and feel good for the summer (and after).   I know what to do, it comes down to DOING it…both the fitness & the nutrition.  There are no shortcuts.  Fortunately, the workouts are short and the food is simple.

I have a great support group on Facebook where we check in daily, sometimes multiple times per day and we post recipes, our meal plans, sweaty pics, etc.  Lots of fun things just to keep everyone motivated to the end.

Life is always going to be busy, thats what makes it so enjoyable!  But never let busy take precedence over getting the most important things done, like our healthy lifestyle.  Get that workout in everyday.  You’ll never regret a workout!

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