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24 Hours is not enough, or is it?

I hear people say all the time how “time flies” or “I wish I had more time in a day”.  Why?  If people had more time, they’d just fill it up anyway!  I can wake up at 7am and stay busy until well past midnight.  I know this because I do it all too often.  I do it because I am behind and stay up late to catch up.  The problem is, I’m SO tired in the morning that I drag my heels until the last minute and then start the rush to catch up again.  Its a vicious cycle.

So, how does one STOP the cycle?  Prioritization.

My TOP priority is my family so everything I do MUST benefit them (us).

I try to make a list in my phone (I use an iPhone and use the Notepad app) and get everything I need to do out of my head.  I do keep a notebook on my bedside table to write anything down that pops up (I do NOT keep my phone in my bedroom, not taking the risk of peeking at FB, checking emails, etc) 

I break my lists down like this:

  1. TODAY

The ONLY list I really focus on is TODAY.  Its top priority, MUST MUST MUST do today.  Everyday, I have to educate my kids (since we homeschool!), workout, and work on my business.

These are 3 things that cannot be missed.  My children’s education is on MY shoulders.  I must make sure that they are challenged, they are learning, they are growing & they are enjoying the process!  For my mental clarity and to reach my physical goals, I must workout!  If I want to reach my financial goals and reach my goals of helping people, I must work my business each day! 

If my children are educated, if I’m in great shape (physical & mental) and my business is thriving….then my family is happy, healthy & thriving.  It all goes back to my top priority!

So, the rest of the week, everything else will get done.  Laundry, dusting, errands, etc.  These things all get done but not before my top priorities happen. 

So my list might look like this:
    a.  Homeschool
          1. curriculum plan
          2. Math
          3. English
          4. Spelling
    b.  Workout
          1. P90X
          2. Kickboxing
          3. C25K
    c.  Business
          1. Check back office
          2. Follow up emails
          3. 5 Shares
          4. Blog Update
          5. Social Media Updates  ***this is MUCH more detailed on my real list but I’m saving space!

If I wake up without a schedule/list, I feel lost.  There are days when my husband will, out of the blue, say “Hey, I’m taking the boys to my parents for the day”  and he expects me to be ecstatic, and usually, I am!  But…if I don’t have a ‘day off’ planned, I can’t refocus!  I need some notice so I can PLAN what I’m going to do. 

I work at home and 90% of my business is done on the computer.  I can easily spend a kazillion hours on the computer, surfing the net, cruising around FB, etc.  BUT its not helping my business or my family!  So now, I write a list of EXACTLY what I’m going to do when I sit down at the computer.  Which webinar will I watch?  Which blogs will I read?  Which FB pages will I look at?  I block all of the pages that don’t inspire me, that don’t help me, that don’t give me motivation.  I’m down to about 10 pages!  I only follow people who are at the TOP of their business.  People I want to follow and learn from. 

I’ve learned to let some of my tasks go.  Some of the things I loved to do but I was so stressed out wanting to do them but not having the time to do it all.  My husband is amazing and is always offering to help, but I never let him because I felt like I “should” be able to do it all.  I had it in my head that I am a homemaker, so I should be able to do all of the housework, errands, take care of the kids, etc.  BUT….I also own my own business & homeschool my kids!  Those are two FULL TIME jobs!  I have to let others help me.

Less Stress = Happiness!!!

If you have tips for time management, post them in the comments section!  I’m always revising, finding new ways to save time and create time!  I’d love to hear yours too!

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